Kaleidoscope - Data Visualizations Collection

Some data visualization ideas that you might find interesting or useful. Kaleidoscope means “observation of beautiful forms”, as Wikipedia suggests. Charts and dashboards should be both meaningful and beautiful/ user friendly.

(RIP) Hans Rosling from Gapminder has coined a brilliant new way of displaying data dynamically. Google Spreadsheets incorporates now his idea and Microsoft is developing Power BI with similar features. You can explore Rosling’s original chart at Gapminder: e.g. 200 years that changed the world

Alan Eldridge, Tableau: how to create an animated visualization of trains in Melbourne, including when and where they hit peak load. (You can start from min. 1:50)

An easy-to use interactive chart by Shan Carter, Amanda Cox, Kevin Quealy and Amy Schoenfeld, based on data from the American Time Use Survey – 2008 edition. You can test it at The New York Times.

American Time Use Survey - 2008

Infomous famous bubbles - a nice way to explore news, text from open questions in surveys or tags from your blog (lazy loading, however). Click “Enlarge” button to get more space for exploration.

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